Choosing The Right Hosting Provider For Your WordPress Website

Hosting Provider

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, with a huge percentage of websites using it to publish, edit and maintain their content marketing for your wordpress site. However, one of the keys to building a successful WordPress website is choosing the right hosting provider.

A lot of beginner web developers fall into the trap of using cheap web hosting that offers shared services. Unfortunately, these packages are usually unreliable and insufficient, especially if you want to scale your website and become a powerhouse in your niche.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a short guide to choosing the perfect web hosting provider for your new WordPress website.

Start By Identifying Your Needs

Think about what sort of website you’re planning on building, how much and what sort of content you’re planning on creating and how much traffic you envision having. If you’re planning on creating a small niche website with a limited number of visitors, then you probably won’t have to spend a lot on hosting. However, if you want to create a large site with a lot of visitors and a lot of content, then you will probably need to purchase dedicated hosting, or at least a VPS.

Consider What Sort Of Hosting Is Available

There are numerous types of web hosting available which vary according to provider. Some of the main styles include:

Basic shared hosting – The simplest form of web hosting is basic shared hosting. Often, shared hosting is free or extremely cheap, and this should tell you something. In fact, there’s little point using cheap shared hosting, because you won’t get a decent amount of server resources, there’s always a chance of your site’s security being compromised by another site on the server, and there’s no room for scaling to meet the demands of increasing traffic.

VPS servers – A VPS, or virtual proxy server, is a when you ‘buy’ a percentage of a server’s resources, so that you’re not sharing with other websites. VPS servers are arguably the best option for small to medium WordPress sites, and they’re not even that expensive.

Dedicated servers – If you’re planning on creating or already have a large website which is resource heavy and which receives a lot of traffic, then you should consider dedicated web hosting. Dedicated servers are used by you and you alone, which means that they provide a lot more resources and are a lot more secure than other hosting options.

Final Word

Choosing the best hosting provider for your WordPress website will depend on exactly what sort of website you’re planning on building and how you’re planning on running it. As a general rule, it’s better to spend more on WordPress hosting to make sure that your site speed and performance isn’t affected by a lack of server resources. If you’re not sure exactly what sort of hosting you need, then speak to a hosting expert!

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