7 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Online Marketing For Your Firm

Online Marketing

Online marketing is arguably the most important marketing stream for modern law firms. However, it can be hard to get right. Some forms of online marketing, such as Google AdWords, can drain your marketing budget at a rapid rate, which means that you need to be careful how you do things.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable digital marketing strategies that lawyers and law firms can benefit from. To get the most out of these, you need to fine tune your own online marketing strategy, changing the way you do things so that you’re getting the best return on investment possible. Consider the following tips to help you along the way:

  1. Make sure you focus on SEO

SEO is probably the most effective form of digital marketing for law firms. Although it may seem expensive at first, it’s important to realise that your SEO efforts will net long term results. Things like content creation, guest posting and link building will continue to drive traffic to your website for years, which means that they’re definitely worth doing.

  1. Be careful of search engine marketing

Search engine marketing – including AdWords marketing – is relatively ineffective for law firms. Most law-related keywords are worth a lot of money, which means that you will be paying a small fortune per click. This can quickly drain your marketing budget without netting a lot of results, especially if you’re not careful.

  1. Blog regularly

Blogging regularly will show potential clients that you’re familiar with a range of law related topics, that you’re not too busy to spend time on important things and that you’re an authority figure in your field.

  1. Make sure you use strong calls to action

If you do end up using search engine or social media marketing, then you need to think very carefully about the structure of your ads. Make sure that you use strong calls to action to encourage people to contact you.

  1. Make sure that you perform regular website maintenance

It’s important to keep your website looking sleek and modern, especially if you’re expecting to gain clients through it. People expect lawyers to be professional and on the ball, and your website needs to reflect this.

  1. Get active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for lawyers. It’s important to get active and network – the results will speak for themselves.

  1. Make sure your targeting geo-specific keywords

When you’re writing content for your website, it’s important to make sure that you include at least some words that provide an indication of what areas you work in. Failing to do so will increase the amount of interest you get from people outside your working area, and will decrease the amount of interest from relevant potential clients.

Final Word

Getting the most out of the time and money you spend on online marketing is important. The modern world of online law is very competitive, and it’s hard to gain an edge. The tips above should help you improve your digital marketing strategies, but remember – you need to make sure that you’re always adapting!

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