4 Ways To Choose The Right Commercial Storage For Your Needs

For any office relocation to go to plan, it is recommended that you employ the services of a professional removalist company who can prove that they have helped many other businesses relocate successfully. The specific logistics of each office relocation will obviously differ, and it might be that, instead of everything moving on the same day, that some of it is placed in storage.

This storage is likely to be commercial storage units, and it might be the case that the removalists you choose either offer a storage service or can recommend a commercial storage company. That being said, you might have no option but to research commercial storage options yourself and select one best suited to your needs. From leading removalists and storage solution specialists, here are 4 ways to ensure you choose the right commercial storage for your needs.

Calculate The Amount Of Storage Space Required

The reason you need commercial storage and the amount of storage space you need will be determined by several factors. The first will be whether you are storing everything from your business due to a delay in moving to your new premises or just some of it. The second will be what sorts of items, goods, and equipment you need to store, and this will depend on the type of business you are.

You will first want to make an inventory of those items which are going to go into storage and establish the dimensions of them, especially larger items. By doing so you should now have a more accurate assessment of how much storage space you require and can then start planning for that with regards to how many commercial storage units you need and their capacities.

Plan How Each Item Is Going To Be Stored

With respect to planning how each item is going to be stored, this refers to how they are going to be wrapped, what and how many boxes you are going to need, and if there are any special requirements with respect to individual items, such as them having to be stored with a certain environment. Also, take account of a scenario whereby you might require access to certain items whilst they are in storage, such as important documents.

Determine How Much Security You Need

All legitimate commercial storage companies will have some level of security on their premises and establishing how much security you require is something that you need to do before selecting the one which has the level of security that suits your needs.

If your business is storing any equipment or goods which are highly valuable, or if documents are being stored which are critical to your business, then the level of security needs to be optimal, and your storage company one which offers this level of security.

Shortlist Your Options And Ask For Prices

It presumably goes without saying that the commercial storage company you select should be one that offers a professional service, optimum security, has a proven track record, and ideally, great value for money. To get to the point of actually choosing your commercial storage service, you will need to know how much space you need, how you want your items stored, what level of security is required, and your budget.

Armed with this information you should now create a shortlist of candidates, contact each of them, and await their response. Do not necessarily opt for the cheapest price, as you might find that by paying slightly more you get enhanced security or proportionally more storage space.

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