Do I Really Need A Responsive Website For My Law Firm?

Law Firm Responsive Website

Responsive websites. What are they? Do I already have one? Do I need one? Trying to build a solid online presence can be very difficult if you don’t have a technical background. Lawyers and firms trying to get an edge on their competitors ask themselves questions like this daily, let’s try to answer a few of them with the help of legal advice from Culshaw Miller.

As lawyers, your website is the most critical component of your online presence. If it isn’t well designed, your image can be harmed. After all, people won’t want to work with a company that can’t put a bit of time and effort into building an attractive website.

This Is One Of The Reasons Why Responsive Design Is Essential

Mobile devices dominate the modern world. The percentage of internet searches on mobile devices recently rose above the rate of searches performed on computers and laptops. This alone should be enough to make you see how important a responsive, mobile-optimised website is.

If your firm’s website doesn’t look good on a person’s device (be it a phone, a tablet or a computer), they won’t hang around to see what you’ve got to offer. You need to make sure that your site is attractive on all devices. Responsive design lets you do this.

How Does Responsive Design Work?

Simply put, a responsive website is built to adapt to different device sizes. Other elements will be positioned and sized according to the type of device and the screen size, ensuring they always appear attractive and easy to read.

Why Else Is Responsive Design Important?

Search engines are getting smarter and wiser all the time. Their focus is shifting from purely content-oriented rankings to rankings based on user experience. If your website isn’t responsive, you will immediately receive a significant strike against your name. This makes it harder to rank highly in the organic results.

A non-responsive website will also have a high bounce rate. The majority of mobile users will leave almost immediately. Search engines consider user experience when ranking websites, meaning that sites with high bounce rates and low retention times don’t rank well. Make sure that you’re doing whatever you can to appeal to the right audience and to encourage them to hang around on your website so that you can improve these metrics.

So, Do You Really Need A Responsive Design For Your Law Firm Website?

Hopefully, you should already know the answer to this. Of course, you do! If you don’t have a responsive website, you may as well have no website at all. Speak to an experienced web developer if you are unsure how your website is set up. It’s worth spending the money to ensure your site is attractive on all devices.

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