Securing Your Website through Expressionengine

Internet security has become a growing concern for users and breaches are even more alarming when it comes to conducting businesses online. ExpressionEngine provides users security elements that are most inclusive and broad, comprising of highly developed features that can carry out business without having to worry about security breaches.

Security has never been an issue for ExpressionEngine users for almost a decade and it has only had one security advisor in the span of three years. The data you use on this CMS is bound to be safe because of the following features it offers:

Managing Session and Processing Forms

Depending on the security needs of your business, ExpressionEngine is secured by three separate session management systems. Choice on the type of session depends on the control panel and public sites. Duplicate submission of forms and spamming are prevented by allowing single submission of forms for each page.

Secure the Permissions of Your Site

Security could be enhanced by restricting the site permission. Although this could be difficult since the permissions of files are required in order to access different plug-ins. Restriction is normally imposed on all non-owners.

Throttling, Email Banning, and IP Banning

Throttling helps you to administer the number of times an IP address can be admitted to your site so that it will be easier for you to evade denial of service attacks. Although, banning of complete or part IP address can also be done, banned IPs can make use of wild-cards. Banning of emails also takes place to make the website more protected.

Word Censoring and Duplicate Data Denial

When writing a banned word, the words are swapped with hash symbols (###). Spam protection is provided by rejecting the submission of similar data that is already present in the record.

Username Restriction, IP, and User Agent Logging

Tracking of IPs as well as user agents takes place to get additional and accurate verification by the session management system. You can also restrict someone from using the website by their username.

Password Lockout and Secure Password Mode

Username or dictionary words cannot be used as a password and numerous invalid password attempts lead to the user being locked out.

Add CAPTCHAs to Forms

CAPTCHAs are basically added validation forms which help prevent hostile spamming. A code must be entered for each post before submitting the form. Execution of CAPTCHAs takes place on comment forms, member registration forms, and contact or tell-a-friend forms.

Other verification such as audit trail, email authentication, and content authorization are also offered by CMS of ExpressionEngine which are its built-in the framework. Malicious forces of the web can be avoided as spam blockers are already present.

Although security issues may arise even after a lot of protection, the bugs must be reported to ExpressionEngine by the user in order to minimize barriers.


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