4 SEO Blunders That Will Kill Your Holiday Villa Marketing Business’s Google Rankings

4 SEO Blunders That Will Kill Your Holiday Villa Marketing Business's Google Rankings

If you want to drive more traffic to your holiday villa marketing business’s website, you certainly are not lacking in strategies that could help you achieve that objective. However, some of these will only work for a short period, so if you are looking for a longer-term option then the online business experts at www.northland.com.au would advise you to implement an SEO campaign.

The reason we say SEO is a long term solution is that it is not an overnight fix, and  many of the actions that you might include in an effective SEO campaign can take weeks or even moths to achieve results. However, this gives you two advantages. The first is that due to the commitment and patience needed, many of your competitors will turn their backs on SEO, leaving the field open to you.

The second reason why your patience will pay off, is that once your website starts achieving high rankings, including at the very top of page one, it is likely to remain there provided you do not undo all the good work that has already taken place. Google appreciates high quality websites which are optimised for those who visit them, and much of that optimisation positively impacts on where it ranks those websites.

Unfortunately, there are some website owners who never reach these top spots, simply because they make crucial mistakes when trying to rank their website. Worse, is when they do rank, but then for some explicable reason compromise their SEO by trying out actions which then sends them tumbling back down the rankings. Here are 5 actions, which you must avoid when trying to rank, and also after you have ranked well.

No Fresh Or Relevant New Content: Every website must have relevant content to start with. Thereafter, it needs to have new content added to it on a regular basis. This is not just for the benefit of visitors to that website, but to also retain any high rankings which Google has given it and will soon take away when it sees no new content being added.

Lack Of A Backlinking Plan: Any SEO campaign which has no plan for backlinking is severely compromised. Not only does your website need backlinks to it from other websites to boost its authority, but it also needs to have internal links too. Linking between pages via content which includes text, infographics, and images, is essential for your onsite optimisation with respect to ranking well on Google.

A Website That Is Built Without Any Thought For Visitors: Whilst you might think you are implement many SEO actions on your website for Google’s benefit, in truth, it is your visitors that you should have at the forefront of your mind when designing and optimizing your website. The quicker it loads, the easier it is to navigate, and the more reasons you give them to stay, all boost your SEO.

Being Tempted By Dodgy Shortcuts And Black Hat SEO: We are sure you are an honest business owner, but even the best of us can be tempted by shortcuts and ‘cheats’ which may not strictly be illegal, but in Google’s eyes you would be breaking their ‘law’, and when it comes to rankings, they are the only judge in town.

Tempting as it is to fast-track your SEO for quicker rankings with black hat tactics, you must resist them all because Google will discover them, and the penalty can be permanent exclusion of your website from their search results.

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