Why Joomla is Trusted by Millions of Websites

The reason Joomla CMS  is trusted by literally millions of websites online, is because it is one of the very few that can be used to create, edit, publish and manage content. This is why it is considered a good alternative to employing a full time web design professional. The following are some of the main reasons it is so trusted:

Easy and fast editing – If you are not using a CMS and want to make some edits on the pages of your website, Joomla has your back. Using another CMS may not ensure  data integrity the way Joomla can. It does this by locking the content so that no one is able to access or make changes to a document that is being edited apart from the approved person. Since the software uses powerful editors to make changes, the person editing a document will have no trouble making adjustments. In fact, a simple document will seem just like a Word file when it is being changed.

Customizable Core – Even though Joomla’s core is called hackable, that is not a cause for concern. It just means that it can be customized by anyone who has a modicum of knowledge regarding PHP. That’s because this open source software is very clean and quite well documented. It is ‘hackable’ so adjustments can be made to  optimize it for a specific reason.

Easy Menu Creation – Perhaps one of the main features that placed Joomla on the map is its easy to use menu creation tool. Favored by veterans and newbies alike, the feature can be used by anyone, even those with little or no programming experience. This includes creating multiple menus pointing to different aspects of a website.

Open Source – Gone are the days when ‘open source’ conjured up images of tech savy ‘geeks’ who spent their days making Microsoft products to create websites. Fast forward a couple of years and open source is the basis of most websites that are dominating the web and Joomla is one of them. The reason it is favored is because it is created by using a dominant scripting language, PHP and the open source dataspace, MySQL. This is why it is still preferred and has been adopted by seasoned CMS developers. Besides creating new Joomla extensions, it is typically hosted on a Linux based server, making it completely open source.

In-built Caching – With its in-built caching abilities, developers who use Joomla can ensure their creations load quickly. A server that is hosting a website made from this software will not become overloaded, but if this capability is misused, it can compromise extensions. However, that does not mean you should avoid it; caching can help you increase your site’s performance tenfold, leading to better search engine rankings and exposure.

A large number of websites use Joomla to maintain a solid presence on the web, so if you want to count yours among them, this open source software will not disappoint.


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