5 Security Extensions To Consider For Your Joomla Website

Joomla Website

If your CMS of choice is Joomla then you are in good company, with over 30 million websites using the platform, not to mention a developer community of around 200,000. You’ll already know of Joomla’s advantages in terms of features and extensions but how familiar are you with Joomla’s security.

As with other platforms such as WordPress and Drupal, websites built using Joomla are viable targets in the eyes of hackers and cyber-saboteurs, so if you haven’t made the time or effort to protect your site, you are leaving yourself wide open to an attack.

Thankfully there are a number of very impressive security extensions designed specifically for Joomla sites which can protect your content, data and other information, and prevent your site from being infiltrated. Here are 5 of the best which can keep your Joomla site safe.

JomDefender: This extension prevents ‘drive-by’ hackers from identifying applications within your site which are vulnerable by keeping them hidden and protected. It also has security features which make it very difficult for hackers to gain access to your site via the login page by requesting two unique passwords instead of one, and thus making it twice as difficult for them to break in.

Centrora Security: By using a built-in scanner to check for viruses, malicious codes, malware and other security risks, this extension provides excellent protection for websites using Joomla for their CMS. It also has front end protection which will require additional authentication if it suspects that an unauthorised user is trying to log in. Centrora also provides a backup function so that if the worst did happen, all your content would be protected.

JHackGuard: This security plugin will protect your Joomla site from XSS attacks, file intrusions, SQL injections and remote code executions. Its security protocols are pre-set, however the website owner can edit these within the administration area. JHackGuard also filters data when inputted by users so that malware cannot be used to attack your site.

OSE Anti-Virus: This open source anti-virus will scan all the files within your Joomla website to prevent viruses and malicious codes infecting it. It will scan HTML, Java scripts and PHP code to ensure they are all free from any malware. Once it has scanned everything, OSE Anti-Virus produces a list of suspicious files and the malicious codes that have been identified. These codes can then be removed without any disruption to any of the functions of your website.

RSFirewall: A very advanced security extension that protects Joomla websites in several ways. It will scan the website and all its files for malware, protect admin accounts and folders, block suspicious IP addresses from accessing the site and check the integrity of the core Joomla CMS structure for any vulnerabilities.

These 5 security extensions for your Joomla site will all protect it and keep it free of malware and hackers. Whether you pick any of these or decide on an alternative, the critical point is that you protect your Joomla site with a security extension as soon as possible, otherwise you are leaving it vulnerable and open to attack.

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